Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jimmy's No. 43 at the Shuck N Suck

There are so many interesting food events in NYC this summer. but an oyster Shuck N Suck? We serve great local oysters every Wednesday and Thursday, so when we heard about the NYC Food Film Festival's Shuck N Suck event, we knew we had to participate. Eddie, our ace shucker, can compete with the best in the city (in fact, he is so good, he was hired by the NYC Food Film Festival to lead volunteers Wednesday morning in the cleaning and preparation of the 6,000 oysters that will be shucked later that night). And Jimmy? He's an eater - he had to beg but got the gig - and will be one of the "Suckers' Wednesday night... Jimmy's No. 43 will also be Chef-In the cooked oyster menu - fried oysters, grilled oysters, oysters with grits.... Delicious!