Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brewers Pic-NYC Today, Tomorrow at Governor's Island!

Ride the free ferry to Governor's Island and join us at Brewers Pic-NYC. Great food, great beer, great time for all ages... BUT NO ATM service (they're offline at the time of the post), so hit your bank before heading onto the boat. Cheers!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday's German Dinner Reviewed!

Our Schneider Brother's dinner went off great this past Tuesday, despite a few changes to the menu. Check out this great review by Clare at Beer Goggins:

An evening at Jimmy’s #43 is normally pretty delightful. But last night I also had the opportunity to experience the Schneider Weisse dinner series. That’s four courses paired with four different Schneider Weisse brews. Host Susanna Hecht and Chef Josef Nagler graciously invited Jimmy’s clientele to taste a bit of Germany in the beer and food served. Read more...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captain Lawrence... And Eddie Oysters!

Join Jimmy's No. 43 and master shucker Eddie "Oysters" for a beer and oyster pairing event tomorrow, Thursday, May 26th, from 5-8 p.m. Select Captain Lawrence beers will be available for purchase, and you'll get the chance to meet the rep from this Pleasantville, NY, brewery. It'll be a great way to greet the holiday weekend, so be sure and get shucked with us!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 24th Schneider Brothers Brewery Dinner - On Tap With Susi Hecht

Susi Hecht, Export Director for Schneider Brothers Brewery, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the brewery, beer and our upcoming authentic German dinner on May 24th.

Jimmy says that Schneider Brothers introduced him to great beer. What is it about a wheat beer that you love?

It is not wheat beer in general that I love. I came to like beer and good beer when I started to work for the Schneider family 13 years ago. I don’t like those thin (water -like) mainstream beers that are produced top lease that many people. I like beers that have a rich smell (I don’t drink from the bottle or a can), a full body where you can discover the aromas that need to be well balanced. Our Schneider Weisse Original or the Aventinus have just a slight bitterness in the finish. So, I like these when I am not in the mood for bitterness. The Wiesen Edel-Weisse is a little more crisp and bitter – thus more refreshing.

Germany is almost synonymous to us Yanks as "brats and beer." What is true or false about that perception?

Well, beer is part of daily life. We have a per capita consumption of a little more than 100 litres per person. However, as beer is such a normal part of daily life, people often don’t care too much about their beer. They drink a beer—like water—and that’s it. So, we don’t have a very rich variety of styles and hardly any imports. This is what I like so much about specialty beer markets like Italy and the US. Here, you can talk to people about beer styles, people want to experiment, experience great tastes and beer has a higher standing than in Germany. It is regarded as highly as wine.

Most Americans put fruit slices in their wheat beers. Complement or abomination?

Don’t do this. The lemon slice dominates the whole drink. Formerly, small breweries recommended this to hide their changing quality and to hide off-tastes.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the upcoming Schneider & Sons' beer dinner at Jimmy's No. 43?

I love presenting our beers and talking about the brewery, as we are a brewery with extraordinary beers, a wide variety of aromas and we still use hand-craft in brewing. And, we will present traditional Bavarian food from our Munich restaurant. I selected the dishes and the beer pairings together with Chef Nagel and my husband (who is also a beer sommelier). So, I am curious how people will react. And from other events in the US, I know that people know already a lot about Schneider and I hope I will be able to answer all their detailed questions.

Outside of Germany, is there a country serving up beer you love the (2nd) best?

There are many countries. I travel to about 25 countries for Schneider. Of course, I have to drink Schneider Weisse at the bars to check the quality (especially in hot countries), but I always taste beers from the country and the region. I like the refreshing Lambic Beers from Belgium, beers from Italy and the US where brewers experiment with new ingredients and go to extremes. It is always a question of when you drink, if you are thirsty or relaxing, what kind of food you have, etc.

If you could sit down with an oenologist, what would you tell him/her about the art of beer making?

I like good wine as well, and I appreciate the work of the wine people. To me for wine as well as for beer, you need to make sure you have good ingredients, and you need to work with passion in order to obtain a great product. Beer does not have to be a mass product and can be consumed with appreciation. It fits as well to the good cuisine as good wine does.

Final words…

I am proud and happy to work for Schneider. This is a brewery with tradition and great brewing knowledge. Within the Reinheitsgebot, we produce such a wide portfolio of beers that it is always fun to put together a beer dinner. You can always find a Schneider Weisse that goes perfectly with a dish.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Barrier Brewing's Evan and Craig, Saturday, 5/14 from 5-8 PM

Come out to Jimmy's No. 43 on Saturday, May 14, from 5-8 PM and meet Evan and Craig, brewers from Barrier Brewing. For those that aren't aware, Barrier is a micro-brewery that evolved from a home brew operation to a full-scale brewery. Their carefully brewed beers are made one barrel at a time at their Oceanside facility.

Several of their seasonal beers will be available this weekend on tap or by bottle, including Oil City Black IPA, Mare Undarum Belgian IPA, Bulkhead Red, Beech St. Wheat (a spiced wheat beer), Rembrandt Porter, and Barrier Begian 1. More info on their incredible beers is available at http://www.barrierbrewing.com/Site/BEERS.html. This is going to be a great chance to drink local, so be sure to stop by and partake of the brew!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Next Big Dinner Event: Schneider & Sons German Dinner With Beer

This is the real deal! A chef from Germany and exquisite brews from one of the world's best will be featured on Tuesday, May 24, from 6:30-10 p.m. Schneider & Sons' Chef Nagel will be hosting (along side Jimmy's No. 43) and presenting an authentic German menu, including Stierhodencarpaccio in Aventinusvinaigrette an Ruccolasalat (bull's Carpaccio in Aventinus vinaigrette on Arugula salad) to be paired with Schneider Weisse; Legierte Weißbiersuppe mit Weißbrotcroutons (velvety wheat beer soup with croutons) to be paired with Wiesen Edel-Weisse; Medaillons vom Schweinefilet an Knoblauchrahmsoßemit Weißbierspätzle (pork tenderloin medallions in garlic cream sauce with wheat beer Spaetzle) to be paired with Aventinu; and—for dessertEisbockparfait mit karamellisierten Apfelspaltenund Schlagrahm (Eisbock parfait with caramelized apples and whipped cream) paired with Aventinus Eisbock.

Our German dinners typically sell out quickly, and this will be an exclusive NYC stop on Chef Nagel's American tour. Get your tickets today for what is sure to be one of the most talked about culinary events of the spring!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chiles, Beer And Book Signing On May 22nd

Join Slow Food NYC and chef and author Kurt Michael Friese for an evening of all things chile at Jimmy’s No. 43 on Sunday, May 22nd, from 6-8 p.m. Chef Friese will talk about his new book, Chasing Chiles: Hot Spots Along the Pepper Trail (Chelsea Green, March 2011), while you dine on chilli served up by Jimmy’s No 43 accompanied by excellent beer pairings.

In Chasing Chiles, Chef Friese and his fellow gastronauts recount their year-long adventure across North Americafrom New Mexico to Louisiana to the Yucatanin hot pursuit of heirloom chile varieties, chile cuisine, and its long cultural traditions. From speaking with farmers, visiting the fields, and eating in local diners across the continent, they explore how climate change is impacting not just this iconic spice and vegetable, but our producers, sustainable agriculture, and ultimately, what we eat.

Tickets for the dinner (cash bar) are $25 for SFNYC members and $35 for non-members. Proceeds from this event will support Slow Food NYC’s Urban Harvest Programs, which provide good food education and access to food that is good, clean and fair for NYC kids. Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jimmy's No. 43 and Cathy Erway Host Hungry Filmmakers V!

Hungry Filmmakers V kicks off the spring season at Anthology Film Archives on May 16 with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. (viewing starts at 7). Come out and join us for our latest installment of film screenings/discussions of seven unique, up-and-coming food-related films.

The films:
·       Mumford Farms by Anna Mumford
·       The Iraqi Seed Project by Emma Piper-Burket
·       Bag It by Suzan Beraza
·       Pig Business by Tracy Worcestor
·       Chow Down by Julia Grayer and Gage Johnston
·       Meat Hooked by Suzanne Wasserman
·       Kings of Pastry by Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker
The panel will be moderated by George C. Stoney, NYU Professor Emeritus and legendary documentary filmmaker.

Anthology Film Archives is located at 32 2nd Ave (Manhattan). Tickets are $15, and are available for advance purchase at Brown Paper Tickets. Admission includes films, the panel hosted by George Stoney, and a post-event reception with Lagunitas beer, wine, and snacks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet May 4th's Duck Duck Duck Goose Chef: Joshua Stokes

There are still tickets available for next week’s Duck Duck Duck Goose Dinner with beer by Goose Island. Chef Joshua Stokes talks to us about his journey into food. Just don’t eat his paintings!

When did you first arrive in New York City and what was the first thing you ate?

I landed here in ’99; I was nineteen years old and ready to cook. But first I had a slice of pizza. It was pretty much all I could afford. 

How did you meet Jimmy?

New York is a small town when it comes to food, and Jimmy is everywhere. If you’re active at all in the food world, you’re going to cross paths with him.  

With a background in sculpture, how would you relate art to food creation?

Hmmm . . . this is something I could talk about for hours; it’s a very tricky question. Everyone acknowledges food as an artistic outlet, but the distinction is that our bodies need it to live. So there’s a fine line between food and the Met. Not to mention, if you do happen upon “art” on a plate, you eat it and it's gone . . . not so with a Rembrandt. 

Without naming names, what was the strangest culinary quest you ever undertook as a private chef to the elite?

One guy had a love of New Orleans’ food. I was sent there to learn how to make specific dishes from different places. I even had a “bribe budget” to pilfer recipes. 

What’s next for you after Duck Duck Duck Goose?

Who knows? I'm constantly focusing on improving and growing Grill-a-Chef. The goal is help people help themselves cook, and I love doing it.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Just that the Grill-a-Chef service is for everyone. Anyone reading this can just email me if they have a cooking question. It’s as simple as that. (advice@grillachef.com)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 28th Vanberg & Dewulf 30th Anniversary

Jimmy's No. 43 is super excited to announce our next great beer event. Please join us on April 28th from 5-8 PM to meet the fabulous importers from Vanberg & DeWulf, Wendy Littlefield and Don Feinberg, as they celebrate 30 years of importing Belgian beers. Jimmy’s No. 43 will be celebrating these beers all week, culminating with a meet-and-greet soiree on Thursday.

On tap (literally) will be Hop Ruiter, Saison Dupont, Avril Organic, Foret Organic, Moinette Brune, Scaldis Triple, Peche Mel, and—if the shipment arrives in time—the USA debut of Lambrucha, a splendie combination of kombucha and lambic that is one of Wendy and Don’s latest inventions. Bottles will include some rare and hard-to-find options that we’ll announce at the event itself. We’re pulling out all the stops, bringing in a wide variety of outstanding Belgian beers to celebrate with Vanberg & DeWulf. We are fortunate to be among the only places in New York where Vanberg & DeWulf will be offering these beers.

Admission is free, with beer and food available for purchase. Special tastings will be available throughout the night. More information about the beers will be available on the Jimmy’s No. 43 website and blog in the days leading up to the celebration.