Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New York Magazine Review

If you haven't read this review about our own Philip Kirschen-Clark now is your chance. Visit New York Magazine to read about our talented chef.

Photo is by Melissa Hom.

Praise for Shishito Peppers

Here is what The Village Voice food blogs had to say about our Shishito Peppers.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mid Winter Specials

Chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark is committed to shopping at the Greenmarket, even in January! Below are some of his market specials this week:
Pickled lamb's tongue salad with bosc pears.
Frittata with glazed parsnips and chevre.
Risotto with sheep's milk camembert and fresh horseradish.
Cassoulet of market meats, flageolet beans, heirloom carrots.
Roasted mutton chops w/braised red jewel turnips and mustard greens.

The sheep's milk cheese , lamb's tongue, mutton chop, and lamb riblets (in the cassoulet) are all from Three Corner Field Farm, Shushan, New York.

More from the New York Times

Jimmy's No. 43 is not simply a treat for the palate, but a feast for the eyes as well! Follow this link to read about Beat style and see fashion photography taken at Jimmy's.

Photos are by Mark Veitman and styling by Susan Joy for The New York Times.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Reviews

The great thing about being reviewed is that it is much like having the opportunity to find out what people say about you behind your back. Humbly, we submit to you some things overheard at The New York Times.

"Jimmy's No. 43 is a cozily candlelit below-ground spot that screams speakeasy but is actually a former Ukrainian social hall. It has been serving the Brooklyn-born Sixpoint Bengali Tiger I.P.A — a hoppy beer with a sharp first blast of taste — and recently had Chelsea Double Imperial cask ale from the medieval looking machine in the back that pumps out the naturally carbonated, room-temperature brew that is the signature of cask ale." - Seth Kugel

They've also been talking about us over at The Gothamist.

"Lately we’ve come to realize that there’s much more to this subterranean spot than just beer. Thanks to the addition of Philip Kirschen-Clark, the former fish chef at wd-50, Jimmy’s is putting the gastro in gastropub... As for the taste, let’s just say it was an ovine orgy of sumptuous flesh so tender that it could have been eaten with a spoon. Kirschen-Clark should venture out to Rego Park to show the cooks at the nabe's dozen or so Uzbek kebab joints specializing in lamb how better to practice their craft." -Joe DiStefano

We hope to tempt you to read the full reviews featured in our new Review Links section to the right. Happy reading!