Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eat, Drink, Learn

Have you ever thought to yourself, " Gee, this beer is delicious, but what if it was spicier/ hoppier/ more citrusy?" Tonight at Jimmy's No. 43 Brooklyn Brew Shop will be in The Tasting Room for a beer pairing and home brewing class. Tickets are $30 per person. Click here to read more.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dutch Job Swap

Recently, Jimmy Carbone took part in a Dutch-American job swap to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage on the river bearing his name and to celebrate 400 years of Dutch/ American friendship. Upon his return, Jimmy said, "It was a memorable cultural exchange. Holland is all about beer, but not usually good beer. A few places like Brouwerij 't Ij stood out..."

You can read more about Jimmy's adventures- and other professionals who participated, including a teacher, a firefighter, and a park ranger- on the Jobswap blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What is Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki?

Our friends at pecopecony.com, who dubbed Jimmy's No. 43 "izakaya" (meaning "pub with good food and drink") will join us on Thursday, October 1st to share Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake whose staple ingredients are batter and cabbage- however that is just where the culinary creativity begins! "Okonomi" literally means "to one's liking" and if you pair them with a Hitachino or Baird you are bound to be pleased! A plate of Okonomiyaki will be just $3! Pay as you go and enjoy a night of good food and good beer!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Flash

On Friday, September 18 get ready to "Meet Chuck- An Evening with the Green Flash Brewer" at Jimmy's No. 43.

Chuck Silva is the brewmaster at Green Flash Brewery of San Diego. He will be at Jimmy's No. 43 to talk about Green Flash while Jimmy's serves up an extensive selection of limited Green Flash draft and bottled beer. Find out why Green Flash brews in small batches. Taste it for yourself. Pay as you go. No reservation required.

Until then- check out this post on The Full Pint.

Cask Ale Fest Roundup

Ever wonder what Chris Cuzme, Jimmy Carbone and a room full of rare and delicious cask ale would look like on Day 1 of the Cask Ale Festival?

Perhaps you might then be wondering what happened once the Cask Ale Festival had served up its last? See the second photo for a visual representation of the Festival's last hurrah.

The 2nd Annual NY Craft Beer Festival continues through September 20th but The Cask Ale Festival was truly an event to be savored.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tonight: Gotham Cask Festival Kicks Off NY Craft Beer Week

This weekend cask ale lovers are in for a treat. You can scroll down to read our post below and you can check out this post at NY Daily News.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Toast to Bacon

Some of our picks for best bacons - Mountain View and Benton's! Try our new dish: Dandelion greens with bacon -dripping vinaigrette. BLT crostini. You can read more about trends in bacon here and come to Jimmy's No. 43 for our popular Beer and Bacon Tastings. The next one is September 22. Keep an eye on our Events section for updates!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All Things Dutch

September is shaping up to be an exciting month at Jimmy's No. 43, and around New York City as well. Watch as NYC goes crazy for anything Dutch!

The 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage to New York is upon us and during the week of September 6- 13 there will be a lot of Dutch people hanging out at Jimmy's No. 43. These people will be participating in a job swap program connecting professionals from Amsterdam and New York. Join us on Monday, September 7th (7:00- 10:00 PM) for a party to welcome the Dutch Job Swappers!

During the week of September 13-20 I, (Jimmy Carbone, the Jimmy behind Jimmy's!), will be in Amsterdam hanging out with my dutch hosts, and doing all things bar/beer related. Of course, Jimmy's No. 43 will not rest while I am in Amsterdam- no there will be plenty of celebrating on this side of the pond as well!

On Thursday, September 10 is the Local Oyster and Beer Night (6:00-10:00 PM). Then on Friday, September 11- Sunday, September 13 The Cask Ale Fest to Kick Off NY Craft Beer Week. (Details in the Events Sidebar)

Why Dutch? I have been a big fan of the Christoffel beers from Netherlands for many years. Last November, in tandem with 5 Dutch Days at St Marks Church, I hosted the first annual Fancy Dutch Beer Week. The Shelton Brothers Beer Importers have a few great Dutch craft beers as well, and I tried them. This past June, I co-hosted a Dutch New Herring Night w/ Russ and Daughters and now I'm off to Amsterdam!

So it's true, build it and they will come.