Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sausage Favorites

Jimmy's No. 43 and our Greenmarket Sausage Week was mentioned on tumblr. In case you missed it- we created Sausage Week to showcase Greenmarket farmers and their products.

We served dishes like:
Flying Pigs Farm sweet italian sausages, beer braised apples, local polenta.
3 Corner Field Farm lamb merguez, roasted with olives. lemons, briased radicchio.
Tamarack Hollow Farm's kelbasa, with braised carrots and cabbage.
Cassouelt with Greenmarket sausages, duck, white beans

Some of our favorite Greenmarket sausages:
1. Flying Pigs Farm kielbasa.
2. Violet Hill Farm bangers
3. 3 Corner Field Farm lamb sausages, all kinds.