Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 20 Vegetarian Beer Dinner with Sixpoint Craft Ales' Shane Welch

When Shane Welch of Sixpoint Craft Ales asked to host a beer dinner at Jimmy's No. 43, we weren't very surprised when he begged off the bacon and steered us to a vegetarian menu. The vegetarian dishes will be simple- 5 courses paired with 5 Sixpoint Beers (prix fixe $45.00/ per person). We are flexible about many things- including beer dinners- so an a la carte menu will be available as well, including several meat, sausage, and bacon dishes should you so desire. To whet your appetite take a look at what we have been working on for this event (Wednesday, January 20, 6:00- 10:00 PM):

Braised cabbage and carrots with local polenta;
Smoked herring on toast with onion/dill relish;
Winter squash gnocchi, sage, aged cows milk cheese;
Shushan snow sheep's milk camembert, baked apple;
Bread pudding w/ hazelnuts, six point otis reduction

Here is a brief interview with Shane:

What is it about beer (your beer in particular) that makes it so very food friendly?

The range of esters, varietals of hop strains, and depths of malts in craft beers create a vast and diverse spectrum of flavors to work with. Our beer, in particular, has a signature yeast profile that tends to be an all-purpose suitor for good food.

Do you have a secret or house style of yeasts or malt?

Yes, we use unorthodox and uncommon ingredients, which distinguishes our beer from most others. Just like most breads/beverages/food on the market, most beers use the same yeast strain and same basic ingredients, and that is why a lot of them taste the same. Craft beers, of course, are the exception.

If you weren't making beer in NYC, where would you make beer?

In Amsterdam. And in my basement or garage.

Recently, I tasted the Brownstone on Martha Stewart Radio / Whole Living. It stole the show! Enough said? We also tasted several Belgian Dubbels... at 10am!

Belgian Dubbels are best at 10am. And they go really well with bananas for some reason...