Monday, January 18, 2010

I am From Massachusetts

Last year, a friend and his partners had planned to open a brewery in a depressed town in western Massachusetts called North Adams. So I offered some insight, from a local's perspective.

Some local color:
Let's see, history... history... we learned a lot about the history of Massachusetts. History, being about words, must offer a choice selection of words that could be fitting names for the beers of this new brewery venture.

The "Once Great State" Ale
The "We Banned Slaves, But Still Bought Their Cotton" Lager
"No Irish, No Catholics -Real, Olde Tyme, Yankee Porter"
"Thrifty, and Proud of It" Pale Ale
"Snow Shoveling Zen - Japanese Style White Ale"

Ethan Frome, the novel, was set in this part of western Massachusetts. He was a miserable guy stuck with a wife he hated, lusting after her younger sister who came to live with them. His big thrill was hitching up the horses to a sleigh in a snowstorm and zooming down a dangerous hill. For much of the year in western Massachusetts, the weather is cold and the earth is hard. Ethan Frome thought he got lucky when his wife had to travel to take care of a sick relative. Somehow, her beautiful sister stayed behind to look after her husband, Mr. Frome, but he still missed out on any possible pleasure, because the growing season is short and the old Yankee/Boston ethics too repressive.

Some fun taunts for the land of Red Sox fans! Happy New Year!