Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brave Beef Biscuit at New Amsterdam Market

Sunday, November 22 we will be back at the New Amsterdam Market featuring a popular sandwich from our fall menu- braised beef brisket w/ mint and pecorino.

The beef brisket also doubles as a great tasting dish. Last October, we were at the New Amsterdam Market and I served it on hot bread kitchen toasts with Schoolhouse Kitchen Horseradish Mustard. We sold out. Our line of stalls was very tasty and well worth visiting again. There was Jimmy's No. 43 with the "braised beef brisket", next to Rick's Picks pickles serving pickle on a stick , and anchored by Porchetta's porchetta sandwich "to go."

Rick and I had a lot of fun "barking" at the thousands of market goers. He would call out "pickle on a stick!" and I would answer "brave beef biscuit!". If you shout "braised beef brisket" after a few times it comes out "brave beef biscuit"!! So, try this yourself or, better yet, visit us on Sunday.

Pickle on a stick!

Brave beef biscuit!