Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zaid the Farmer

Jimmy's No. 43 receives regular deliveries from Zaid the farmer of Norwich Meadows Farm (upstate New York, near Syracuse). He makes the 5 hour drive every week to sell his wonderful, certified organic produce on Saturdays in Union Square and on Sundays in the Thompkins Square Park greenmarket.

Zaid tells the story of Norwich Meadows Farm like this:

10 years ago we took over the farm. It was not being used and a New Jersey developer was planning to divide it. The economy in that area soured [then] he backed out and we were able to buy the farm. We almost lost the farm 3 years ago during the year of major floods. Over half of our crops were washed away. If it wasn't for Just Food and the CSA's it manages, we never would have made it. There is little interest in supporting farmfresh in our area.

Click to find out more about Just Food. Support your local growers- buy at the greenmarket!