Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bacon and Beer Tasting

If you haven't been introduced to Brooklyn's Sixpoint Craft Ales, it is important to get down to the fundamentals. Recently I had an opportunity to talk with Sixpoint Craft Ales brewmaster Shane Welch in anticipation of the upcoming Bacon and Beer Tasting at Jimmy's No. 43:

What flavor profile is Sixpoint aiming for?

We aim to scratch that itch in the middle of your back that has been nagging you for years.

If I had never tried Sixpoint, which beer would you suggest I try?

If you prefer blondes, Sweet Action. If you like dark features, the Brownstone.

What limited Sixpoint beers will be available the beginning of September?

We have a Belgian Strong Ale coming out brand new release, hoppy, spicy, and brewed with fresh coriander. Also look for a couple other goodies currently in the works….

How do make the Gorilla Porter so flavorful??

Its a team effort. Youll have to consult our allies over at Gorilla Coffee.

Jimmy's No. 43 will be hosting a Bacon and Beer Tasting Monday September 8. Food writer and meat aficionado Josh Ozersky will talk about the bacons, and Sixpoint Craft Ales will be the featured beers. For more information visit