Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shelton Brothers Beers

The first time I met beer importer Dan Shelton, he told me how all my beers paled in comparison to his imports. Since then, I have become a devotee and proud to feature many of his beers, not only in bottle, but on draught as well. We are currently the only establishment in New York City to serve Christoffel Blond on draught. A 6% beer, Belgian style, from the Netherlands, refreshing with good mouth feel. I can drink this beer all night, and often I do!!

The other day, Rob Patronite and Robin Reisfeld (New York Magazine) were reviewing chef Phillip's asparagus recipe, and they drank the Shelton Brothers Spezial Rauchbier. A light, food friendly ale, with hints of smoke. In fact, primitive beers had a smokiness because early brewers dried their malt over an open fire. It's not at all what you would expect. True to the German beer purity law, there is a subtle smokiness from the natural brewing process, not a commercial additive of hickory flavor.

I love the Shelton Brothers Beers. Check out the beer list at Jimmy's No. 43 for both draught and bottle selections. Look for the friendly "*SB".