Friday, April 4, 2008

From Anne Saxelby

Our favorite cheese monger, Anne Saxelby, keeps a tidy little cheese shop at the Essex Street Market. Originally built by mayor Laguardia in the 1940's, the Essex Street market is one of only 3 surviving publicly owned community market sites in NYC. Anne has built a regional following as a destination shop for American farmstead cheeses. For a quick, online fix see the Saxelby Cheese website at

Anne also writes a nifty little blog. Here is an excerpt from her blog, Saxelby Cheesemongers:

"...sheep and goats (to a larger extent) don't make much in the way of milk. Traditionally, cows, sheep, and goats are pregnant and dry (i.e. not producing milk) all winter long, and have their young ones and begin to produce milk again in the springtime. It's just nature's way of giving the animals a break, or a little maternity leave, if you will.

...all that down time on the farm is about to come to a screeching, baa-ing halt! As I write, thousands upon thousands of kids and lambs are being born in barns across the northeast and across the country. This kidding and lambing extravaganza is a noisy but joyous harbinger of spring, and also of good cheeses to come. When the kids and lambs come, so does the milk, and our cheese makers are at the ready to turn it into some scrumptious and delectable fromage...."