Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Sample of Mid-Winter Specials at Jimmy's No. 43

Chef Phillip Kirschen Clark has added some new ingredients to his mid- winter specials menu. A nice variety of smoked salts and house made pickles (satsuma tangerines, shitake mushrooms, pistachios) have been worked into menu items. This time of the year can be frustrating for a chef, so many of the local vegetables are from root cellars. We are proud that we still manage
to turn out a diverse, interesting, mostly local menu in late February! Take note of the following Specials...

Saturday Feb 23 selected specials:

Toasted pecans, vermont maple syrup, smoked sea salt
Benton's slab bacon, tamarind puree, pickled pistachios
Cloth-bound cave aged cheddar (cabot aged at jasper hill) soup w/spicy cashews
Tuna crudo with nasturtiums, preserved satsuma tangerines
Sauteed chicken livers w/mustard greens, giblet cider vinegar jus
Crostini w/slow roasted lamb leg, violet mustard

Wheat beer steamed cockles w/garlic chives
Roasted spicy andouille sausages w/pretzel puree and watercress
Risotto of 18 month smoked prosciutto (benton's, tennessee) and oyster mushrooms
Red miso braised veal cheeks w/babywhite cabage and red cabbage pureee
Roasted dourade w/celeriac/vanilla bean puree and sweet and sour onions