Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Real AleWives of NYC

January 28 marked the first ever meeting of the Real AleWives of NYC. Lead by Brooklyn Brewery employee Ruthy Misky, the Real AleWives meet once a month to try out new beers (paired with food). Ruthy noticed that many of the beer tastings she attended were underrepresented by women. She launched the inaugural get-together by reading a history of beer, noting that women had been the beer makers since ancient Egypt.

Nearly two dozen women sampled as many beers, including a Stoudt's Barleywine, Hopslam (brought by an AleWife who had recently visited Columbus, OH), Kriek Boon, Omegang Rare Vos, Suntumbrew, Southampton Covee de Fleur, Pretty Things Jacques D'Or, King Baldwin Bald Cider (Ithaca), Quarta Runa, Save Our Shore (from New Orleans), and a couple Brooklyn Brewery offerings, among others.

The next meetup will be Friday, February 11, at 7 p.m. in the back room at Jimmy's No. 43. All women are invited to join in, when the Real AleWives will be focusing on porters. Just bring your favorite porter (to share) and a food that you think goes well with it. If you aren't sure, be adventurous! You can follow the Real AleWives on Facebook to keep up on all their events.