Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chowder Slam!

We had a lot of fun Saturday. There is a serious movement of young, amateur cooks who are taking these cookoffs VERY seriously! Ted Smith, Katie Goldberg, Dan Cooperman, and their friends were the perfect hosts and we raised some money for the New Amsterdam Market.

Judges awards:
1. Best of Land - Theodore Peck's curried lamb belly chowder
2. Best of Sea- Rachel Graville's scallop and crema chowder
Popular votes:
Favorite Chowder- Nick Suarez's Pig's Can Swim Chowder, w/bacon and lobster

In attendance, some name dropping: Lucinda Scala Quinn from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food was one of the judges. Robert Sietsema went undercover for Fork in the Road Blog and Cathy Erway, food blogger and voice of the cooks was there as well.